Morning. Show 2 tonight. Bosh! #McBusted #Tour #roomservice #myneckhurts #glasgow


Morning. Show 2 tonight. Bosh! #McBusted #Tour #roomservice #myneckhurts #glasgow

Happy birthday, Baby Nath!!! I wanna say ‘you better get shitfaced now that you can drink legally in USA and you don’t need those little fake IDs anymore! And I hope your dick is finally growing yessss!!!' but I guess I'll just go with 'I hope you live a long healthy life, Nathaniel James Sykes. I hope you’ll finally realized just how beautiful you are to all of us, and thank you for lighting up the world with your snarky sarcasm and cute little laugh and your endearing approach to everyone and that panty-wetting, four-octaves vocal of yours’. The TWFanmily loves you, Nathan! xx

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james turning down every hogsmeade invitation by telling them he’s going stag

Sirius spreading a rumour that he has a cat just so when people ask him about it he can go, “Nah, I’m a dog person.”

Peter being loud so when a teacher chews him out, he can promise to be “quiet as a mouse”

Remus skipping meals so people can hear his stomach grumbling and he can apologise for being “hungry like the wolf.”

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Love Letter to Jonathan Groff by Lea Michele

From Lea’s new book “Brunette Ambition”

Release date May 20, 2014

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Original Glee members throughout the seasons.

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Opaque Matte Lipstick - $6.99

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Disney posters by Tom Whalen

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Rachel Berry + Musicals

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